Get Off the Roller Coaster!

We keep telling ourselves that "Life has its ups and downs" so we create an expectation that some days things look good, other days things look bad. This habit starts early in life and continues to escalate until we're excited and clearly sailing or abyssmally "in the dumps" and ready to throw in the towel.

Our personal expectation becomes our blueprint for everything we do and everything around us, so we allow forces outside ourselves to toss our lives around. Whatever the economy, the sales cycle, the season, the weather, the interest rates, the price of oil: we can give our mood and our personal contentment over to external forces.


Just "Stop!" for a moment and really re-read this page.

  • Is this your life?
  • Do you want this roller coaster to stop?
  • Do you really want to become an unstoppable force of energy, mood, motivation and power?

Then you need this information!

The book to Passion leads you on a 28-Day journey into what really matters in your life so you can Rekindle Your Passion and Reclaim Your Power. Step up your game and take back control of your life!

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